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If you suffer from diabetes Dr. Juarez-Uribe at Cardiology Medical Clinic of Chula Vista in Chula Vista, California, can help you find the right treatments that work for you and your lifestyle. He can help patients with understanding prevention and what lifestyle is needed to stay healthy. Call the clinic or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about diabetes.

Diabetes Q & A

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a group of diseases that can happen if there is too much sugar in your blood. Glucose, or sugar, is normally removed from your bloodstream by insulin from your pancreas. However, if it’s not removed it builds up in your bloodstream, and too much it can cause serious health issues.

Normally your body maintains consistent glucose levels in your bloodstream by releasing insulin produced by your pancreas,  which reduces the sugar levels in your bloodstream. Your liver also plays an important role in regulating blood sugar, making or releasing glucose when it’s needed by your body.

There are a few different types of diabetes,

Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes occurs when your pancreas stops or drastically reduces the production of insulin. Your immune system attacks your own insulin-producing cells in your pancreas. Since insulin isn’t there to carry away the sugar, there is a build-up of sugar in your bloodstream. The cause of type 1 diabetes is unknown, however both genetics and environmental factors are thought to play a role in the development of the disease.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is diagnosed when your cells either become resistant to insulin produced by your pancreas or your pancreas can’t make enough insulin to maintain a normal glucose level. There is evidence that being overweight contributes to the likelihood of getting type 2 diabetes. In addition, genetics and environmental factors are likely contributing factors to developing the disease.

Gestational Diabetes

During pregnancy hormones are released that make you more resistant to insulin. Usually, your pancreas can keep up with generating enough insulin to effectively regulate your glucose levels, but sometimes it can’t keep up. This type of diabetes goes away usually after the pregnancy.

What are the risks of diabetes

Diabetes can lead to many different conditions and problems such as:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Nerve damage
  • Kidney damage
  • Vision and eye damage
  • Foot damage
  • Skin problems
  • Hearing problems
  • Alzheimer's
  • Depression

Talk with Dr. Juarez-Uribe to understand the risks or a diabetes diagnosis and get on the road to healthy living today.

What are the treatments for diabetes?

Diabetes can be significantly improved by diet and exercise. You may need to take insulin and constantly monitor your blood glucose levels or take oral medication. For extreme cases of type 1 diabetes, a pancreas transplant may be necessary.

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